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Logistics Recommendations

General Information of Medellín

* Soon you will find the logistics recommendations in this page.

Colombian Department: Antioquia

Capital: Medellin

Population: 2,464,000

Weather: Between 18 ºC and 28 ºC / 64 ºF and 82,4 ºF

Currency: Colombian Peso.

Exchange: COP$2,900 per USD1.

Main economy: Manufacturing, textile – clothing, trade, services and innovation.

Total area: 382 Km²

Latitude: 6º 15′ N

Altitude: 75º 36′ O

Electricity: Common voltage in Colombia is 110 V. The frequency is 60 Hz. Outlets and sockets are type A / B

Land Transportation

Transportation from José María Córdova airport in Rionegro to Hotel Intercontinental: At the airport you will find a fleet of taxis to transfer you to the hotel. On average the rate is COP$70,000.

Transportation Hotel Intercontinental to event venues: There is a bus service from the hotel to the place of each activity. This transport is cover by the event.

Transportation Hotel Intercontinental to the José María Córdova Airport: the hotel can provide a shuttle service. On average the rate is COP$70,000


The event will be held in Spanish, however, there will be English translation available.

Conference Food and Meal Services

The following food and meals will be provided for all participants:

Breakfast Buffet at the hotel.
Luncheon The event will provide lunch throughout the week except Friday.
Dinner Each sponsoring organization will provide the corresponding per diems for transportation and dinners during the week of May 29 to June 2.

In case of having food restrictions (vegetarian, allergies to different types of meals, among others), please inform the organization (see CONTACT INFO).

Dress Code 

As the climate of the city remains unchanged throughout the year, it is recommended to wear cool clothes during the day, and have a jacket available for evening activities.

The agenda on Tuesday 30, Wednesday 31 and Thursday June 1 will be held in different areas of the city with long walks, for these days, comfortable clothing and shoes and the use of sun block are recommended. On Monday, May 29 and Friday, June 2 activities will be held at the hotel, casual formal clothing is recommended.

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Register your photographs and thoughts of the event in social media with the following hashtags. By participating, you will contribute with your experience to the joint construction of Medellín Lab: #MDElab

Others: #MDElabciudadsegura, #MDElabsafecity, @acimedellin, @WorldBank, @USAID


  • ​Undersecretariat of Tourism: (+57 4) 3856966.
  • José María Córdova Airport: (+57 4) 2874028.
  • Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport: (+57 4) 3656100.
  • Bus Terminals: (+57 4) 3611499.
  • Medellin Convention & Visitors Bureau: (+57 4) 2616060​.​