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Dear Participant:

To assess the Medellín Lab: Frontiers in Urban Integration, please fill out the following survey. Approximate response time: 5 minutes.

Once it is completed, access to the materials generated during the exchange (presentations, files, among others) will be granted.

Thank you.

The Medellín Lab Team

Medellín Lab 2018 Assessment

The purpose of this form is to collect the attendee's opinion regarding the development of Medellín Lab 2018: Frontiers in Urban Integration. Please answer the following questions considering:

  • Qualification questions: 1 will be the lowest value attributed and 10 will be the highest.
  • Open questions: answer them clearly and precisely.

1. Overall: Medellín Lab 2018

Met my expectationspick one!
Was relevant to my work and my city.pick one!
Was well organized.pick one!
Facilities were adequate and comfortablepick one!
Was well coordinated.pick one!
Used knowledge exchange modalities appropriately and effectively.pick one!
Has a good environment for knowledge sharing.pick one!
2. Overall: The technical level of the content in this event was:pick one!
3. Overall: How do you rate the Medellin Lab?Rate from 1 to 10

4.    Individual session ratings:

Discovery MedellínRate from 1 to 10
City Sharing (Shift & Share)Rate from 1 to 10
Framing Discussion – Urban PlanningRate from 1 to 10
Framing Discussion – FinancingRate from 1 to 10
Framing Discussion - MobilityRate from 1 to 10
Site Visit – Comuna 13Rate from 1 to 10
Site Visit - EstadioRate from 1 to 10
Site Visit - City CenterRate from 1 to 10
Reimagining the City Center (Collage exercise)Rate from 1 to 10
Knowledge Café: DNA MedellínRate from 1 to 10
Roundtable discussion with city officialsRate from 1 to 10
Action Plan PresentationsRate from 1 to 10
5. What did you like most about the Medellin Lab?

0 /
6. What were the top three things you found most useful?

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7. What aspects of the Medellin Lab should be improved?

0 /
8. What additional topics or activities would you like to be included in future Medellin Lab events

0 /
9. What expectations do you have in the future regarding the exchange program?

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10. Would you attend another event hosted by ACI Medellín?
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¿Do you have any suggestions?

0 /
Thank you!
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